CM2 Course Abstracts


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CertificationCourseCourse Title
CM2-01Foundation of Integrated Process Excellence  (2 days)
CM2-02Fundamentals of Requirements Management (2 days)
CM2-03Fundamentals of Change Management (2 days)
01-04: Enterprise Configuration Management (ECM) CertificateCM2-04Enterprise Configuration Management (2 days)
CM2-05Optimizing the Digital Thread (2 days)
01-06: CM2-ComprehensiveCM2-06Achieving Enterprise Implementation (2 days)
CM2-07Executing Integrated Process Excellence (2 days)
01-08: CM2-AdvancedCM2-08Enabling Digital Transformation (2 days)
01 - 08, 16: CM2-ProfessionalCM2-16Practical Application Workshops for Achieving IPE (3 days)

Other Specialty Courses

CM2-09Refresher Seminar for IPE/CM2 Grads (3 days)
CM2-10Integrated Process Excellence (IPE) Overview  (1/4/8 hours)
CM2-12Integrated Process Excellence Tailored Business Application (4 days)
CM2-Software CertificateCM2-13Optimizing the Software Lifecycle with CM2 (3 days)
CM2-15Integrated Process Excellence (IPE) & CM2 Bootcamp (2 days)