Return on Investment with CM2 and IPE

Implementation of CM2 and Integrated Process Excellence provide a greater ROI than any other process improvement or quality initiative

Organizations that attend CM2 training come from a wide variety of industries and government agencies and they all have two things in common. First, they all operate in the "corrective action mode." They are all spending intervention resources to rescue quality and schedule. They are all spending time on tasks that should not have been necessary. Over 40% of their resources are being spent on intervention. For some, it is over 60%.

Second, there is one proven solution that works for all parties. It is the ability to accommodate change and keep requirements clear, concise and valid. This capability is achieved by implementing the appropriate business process infrastructure whose key elements reside in the domain of configuration management. Those elements must be properly assembled. CM2 provides the proper assembly. Organizations are thereby enabled to transition out of the corrective action mode and into the continuous improvement mode.