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The backbone of the fourth industrial revolution consists of a proper configuration management network with people, processes and enabling tools cohesively communicating within an integrated Internet of Things. In order to achieve successful transformation in the landscape of tomorrow, businesses must improve their culture and reshape legacy business processes and systems.

IpX's mission is to help clients plan and achieve their transformation strategy, improve their core business and operating standards, embrace the digital wave, maximize efficiency, and implement sustainable growth initiatives. Our network of service professionals provide a full suite of solution services and industry experience that solve the issues affecting global businesses.

By using our core CM2 and IPE operating standards and industry acumen we bring the breadth and depth of IpX's industry experience to our clients, by offering tangible business and digital optimization.

What We Offer

Global Business Services: IpX focuses on enterprise-wide changes that can produce sustainable cost savings and functional business improvements. We have over thirty years of experience working with organizations on large multi-faceted transformation programs.

  • Assessments & Advisement: IpX has a global service network that provides functional expertise for achieving operational excellence. We work with the enterprise to explore justification of outsourcing certain processes or services. Our industry experts work directly with each organization to define and create a tailored plan that utilizes a phased approach for implementing the desired business changes.

  • Enabling Software Tools: Our technology professionals have meaningful experience applying modern system approaches and technologies to help you achieve true digital transformation. We provide IT executives with the latest industry developments and best practices. Our cross industry service providers help turn your IT landscape into realized value by evaluating, assisting, and determining the functionality needed to resolve process gaps.

  • Model Based Enterprise Engineering (MBEE®): We work with organizations to validate their model based vision, identify the implementation phases, and design the operating model based on CM2 principles to effectively deliver on the strategy.

  • Digital Process and Document Management (DPDM®): Requirement management, document management, and content management are paramount to the success of any organization especially when it’s under the pressure of global demands and constant change. The diversity of products has quickly expanded Digital Process and Document Management to a global requirement. Rapid growth has made it difficult to keep requirements and documents up-to-date with dynamic development and market changes.

  • Cost of Change Equation (2eQ®): This tool will help leadership determine whether the ROI warrants moving forward with a change prior to a commitment to implementation of proposed changes within their organization. Phase two of the C2eQ® implementation will include a module with data analytics including projected and actual costs to help organizations review the base assumptions and build better predictive cost models.

  • CM2 Congress: At the 2015 IpX symposium CM2-P CM Leaders from Aviation, Automotive, Healthcare, Energy, Consumer Products and Technology came together to create a cross functional CM industry forum to benchmark CM best practices and provide a resource to the CM2 community.

  • Outsourcing: IpX has a wide partner network that provides functional expertise for information technology, configuration management, change management, structure management, and program management. We work with the enterprise to explore justification of outsourcing certain processes or services.

  • Shared Services: Our Shared Services network works closely with executives to align a proper shared service operating model for the enterprise, evaluate sites and facilities locally and globally, identify organizational and change management issues, business engagement, training, and communications opportunities.

  • World-Class Manufacturing: Companies must integrate business strategy with supply chain initiatives to drive operational excellence. Our CM2 and IPE backbone encompasses product development, integrated planning, sourcing, manufacturing and logistics optimization, and sustainability. We employ world-class approaches, leverage our industry IPE/CM2 Congress, and offer services that lower costs, reduce cycle times and increase productivity. We provide on-site capability assessment, analysis and advisement to provide mandatory inputs and risks with industry best approaches supported by data to establish future direction.

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