Model Based Enterprise Engineering – MBEE®

Model Base Enterprise Engineering Services

MBEE® is a natural extension of the CM2 business model. Third-dimensional (3d) geometry is another configuration-controlled item within the product structure of the end item deliverable  in the PLM tool.  The implementation approach for this initiative is tailorable depending on the capacity and agility of the adopting organization. The key is in developing a solution that can work with customers’ existing ERP systems that can also be transferred to the manufacturing organizations.

People, Processes, Tools, Data: IpX provides a clear, concise, and valid understanding of the business impacts for the model based future. We identify the required enterprise changes and the phased approach that ensures efficient implementation.

Assessment and Advisement. We provide tailored plans based on an assessment of the current operating practices and scalability of the business. We provide a blueprint for an improved business model with clear objectives, roles and responsibilities. This provides a transformation strategy based on executable phases and priories for implementing an improved operating model based on CM2 and IPE.